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    Marriage Bootcamp Fucking Up Industry Couples??

    Love & Hip Hop has become one of the pillars in reality tv regardless if it’s scripted.

    Artist who have loss there buzz, or looking to make a name for themselves have joined the franchise.

    Overall the series which has extended to multiple destination is entertaining, and surely has uplifted artist in a new light. People from Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Omarion, and even Joe Budden have been able to resurrect there career from the show.

    The spiciness from fighting, to cheating is something that viewers crave in this day and age.

    Wetv is announcing that three couples we are familiar with would be joining Wetv for the series “Marriage Bootcamp”.

    One couple will consist of Waka Flocka, and wife Tammy Rivera. Both have been in the media constantly, with Waka Flocka being the one who has had several infidelities. As the rapper has announced his retirement, it seems as though he may want to finally focus on his family.

    Another couple that will be joining will be the ringtone era selling King Soulja Boy along with Nila Riley. Overall the two are looking to marry, Soulja boy isn’t the easier lover to get along with.

    In addition R&B Divas singer Lil Mo and her husband boxer Karl Dragon, will appear on the show. With all the drama between these three couples, we can only imagine what we’ll see in the upcoming season!

    Marriage Bootcamp will surely be lit this season. What are your thoughts??Will you tune in to watch?


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