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    Man Gets Stuck Between Truck

    A truck driver who accidentally veered off the road near Casper Mountain in Wyoming caused traffic jams and a lot of inconvenience for other drivers trying to get to their destination. The driver of the truck was delivering oil to a location on Hogadon Road and Casper Mountain Road when he got stuck in a hairpin curve, according to news outlets.

    This happened because the driver was unfamiliar with the area and didn’t know how to navigate the hilly road. The problem caused traffic to be backed up for hours as the truck was pulled off the road.

    Some people have been known to accidentally walk into a parking lot, and get stuck between a truck and a car. The man in this case was reportedly walking between his tractor trailer and a pickup truck in Florence, Kentucky, when it suddenly rolled forward, pinning him between the vehicles.

    It’s possible that the driver was driving too fast when he crossed over the bridge, and he didn’t stop in time. This could have led to the truck rolling on top of his car, crushing it and pinning him inside.

    However, he survived. He was able to grip the steering wheel and shout for help, and was eventually rescued by Sergi Karplyuk, who drove the other truck in the pileup.

    Despite the incident, Whitby is happy that he was able to escape with only scratches. He told CNN that he was surrounded by broken glass and mangled metal, but he was able to get out of the car with only minor injuries.

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