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    Mac Miller’s Death 4 Years Later: An American Tragedy

    Four years ago today, Mac Miller passed away at the tender age of 26. R.I.P. to a real one. The prodigal rapper was poisoned by illegally-sold counterfeit pills. When a loved one has a drug overdose, it can seem embarrassing or shameful. Mac Miller was ahead of his time on “Knock Knock”. “Smokin’ joints in the whip no cop can bust me!” With marijuana legalization and fentanyl overdoses both on the rise, the story of Mac Miller’s death is truly an American tragedy. Here are four Mac Miller songs to commemorate the beloved rapper.

    1, 2, 3, 4!

    One of Miller’s earlier songs, but he was already asserting his acting chops. His lyrics were already great. Back then, Miller was a fun-loving kid who had a passion for rapping.

    Clean Shirt, Clean Pants, New Shoes!

    Once Miller found success, he was able to branch out with his sound. Cosmopolitan cities like NYC and LA influenced the young musician as he began to travel the world. Miller is the baddest street-wise gentleman in this bop!

    You Ain’t Sh*t To The God

    Miller continued to grow from there. He started to showcase his rebellious side more often, and he would encourage his fans to think beyond the status quo. Visionaries like Miller shaped the world into what we know it as today. It was no secret that Miller worked hard. He’s even been (consistently) releasing albums since his fatal overdose!

    I’m At The Top Of My Game

    This song encapsulates Miller’s boundary pushing zest for life. Miller really let his inner-freak out on this track!

    Artists and everyday people continue to have their lives cut short because of irresponsible drug legislation. Thankfully, Mac Miller’s death symbolizes much more than that. Miller triumphed over his addiction again and again. Miller utilized the pain that he couldn’t conquer to create art that is universally relatable. Like many artists, his lifestyle was criticized while he was alive; but it is steadfastly revealing itself to be one worth celebrating! Are you a fan of Mac Miller? How were you impacted by Mac Miller’s death? Can you remember past celebrity overdoses? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment!


    1. My daughter totally loves Mac Miller. I was not familiar with his music at all. This is a great article to help introduce this artists to those of us who are foreign to his music. I was not impacted by his death as I did not really know him or listen to his music. However, there have been other celebrities who have died from an overdose. I always felt that they were actually intentionally taken out.

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