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    Los Angeles Lakers Beat Top NBA Teams

    Los Angeles Lakers Beat Top Teams in the League

    Los Angeles Lakers are undoubtedly the best teams in the NBA. This information is nothing new. But something that should not go unnoticed is LA’s play over the past week. Within the past week, Los Angeles has gone 4-0 against some of the best teams in the league. Lebron James and Anthony Davis were able to step up and beat teams including the Pelicans, Sixers, Bucks, and Clippers. It was great to see LeBron and AD compete against some of the best talents in the NBA.

    Lakers Make Big Statement

    These past four games go to show how solid of a team LA is. LeBron and Davis are amongst the best players in the league. They put up really impressive numbers in terms of scoring, assists, and rebounds. In the three games AD played this past week, he was able to score at least 30 points and grab a fair amount of rebounds. In typical fashion, LeBron scored a fair amount and dished out some great dimes. LeBron’s style of play elevates the game of those around though.

    Along with having two All-Stars to lead the team Los Angeles has solid role players to help manage the load. This includes players such as Kyle Kuzma, Dwight Howard, and others who average around 10 PPG. Along with helping on the offensive end, these players help establish LA’s exceptional defensive abilities. It is allowing for Los Angeles to lead to the league in several defensive stats.

    Final Thoughts

    The NBA has such a large focus on scoring nowadays. As a result of several things, including the Warriors, people have had to switch their focus to three-pointers. LA kills it on the offensive end of the court thanks to scoring from talents such as LeBron and AD. Along with this though Los Angeles has been able to step up defensively. There are 20 games left in the season. Things can still switch up in terms of seeding and such, but the Lakers are definitely making it to the playoffs. The regular season is a different beast than the post-season, but it is good to see that LA can perform when competing against multiple talented teams in a row. What are your guy’s thoughts though? Do you believe that LA has shown that they are the best team in the league? Or do you think other teams such as the Bucks or the Clippers hold that spot? Either way, though, how far do you expect this team to go into the playoffs? Subscribe to our newsletter!

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