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    LISTEN: Trapo Exhibits 90’s Flow On “Drunk Punch”

    The 20-year-old from Madison, Wisconsin releases his new EP OIL CHANGE on August 2, tomorrow.

    Trapo dropped “Drunk Punch” as a preview. The single features a trippy, underground instrumental with background singing. Trapo goes in hard on this single and sort of tells a story centered around his mindset, personal demons, and banal routine. His flow really does resemble a 90’s like bar after bar track. “Drunk Punch,” also features a dope trumpet background and low-fi drum loop.

    Notable Line

    On the edge, on the edge of this cliff with this fifth in my hand
    Finally convinced that this life don’t mean shit, my genetics to fail
    20 years old and exposed for the artist, I hate all that time that I spent ditching class

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