Home News Update HipHop Lil Nas X Fires Back At Andrew Tate Comparison Amid Controversy

    Lil Nas X Fires Back At Andrew Tate Comparison Amid Controversy

    Lil Nas X Fires Back At Andrew Tate Comparison Amid Controversy

    Lil Nas X has clapped back after a detractor attempted to compare him to controversial life coach Andrew Tate amid Nas’ recent controversy involving the trans community.

    On Wednesday (March 15), a Twitter user seemingly in support of Tate sent out a post that painted the latter in a positive light, while making Lil Nas X out to be an evil person.

    It’s to be noted that last summer, Tate was banned from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for breaching hate speech rules, and branded a “threat to young men.” He’s also currently behind bars in Romania for alleged sex trafficking.

    “On the left, we have ‘Lil Nas X’ twerking on Satan,” they wrote with a screenshot of Nas’ “MONTERO” video. “On the right, we have Andrew Tate, who teaches young people to think critically, to take care of their physical health and build financial security. Guess which one is deemed controversial and which is hailed as a role model.”

    Lil Nas X wasted no time in responding, making it clear that not only was he not twerking on “Satan,” but that neither man should be considered a role model.

    “1. that is a cgi animated being, not satan from the bible book,” he wrote. ” 2. there’s no such thing as a good role model, y’all need to find yourselves and stop looking for people to look up to.”

    Earlier this week, Lil Nas X found himself in a bit of hot water after posting a failed joke about transitioning on social media.

    The since-deleted tweet featured a photo of a woman that bared a resemblance to him with the caption: “The surgery was a success” alongside a heart emoji. Following backlash, the “Old Town Road” rapper issued an apology to the trans community.

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    “Apologies to the trans community i def handled that situation with anger instead of considering why it was not cool,” Lil Nas wrote in his apology. “Much love to you guys. sorry.”

    The topic wasn’t done there, however, as a fan then responded and said his “fake” apology wasn’t enough. To that, Nas X simply wrote: “girl eat my ass.”

    Outside of Twitter controversy, Lil Nas X is busy at work on his sophomore album. He recently confirmed it will arrive some time this year, making it around two years after his hit debut, Montero. – ChatGPT autoblogging and content curation plugin for WordPress