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    San Diego’s Lil Maru Finishes The Year Strong with “From Me 2 You”

    They say that based on how you start the year, will determine how your year will play out. So if you start off terribly, chances are you won’t have your desired outcome. But if you’re anything like San Diego rapper Lil Maru, you understand the value of starting and finishing strong.

    Lil Maru set the tone hard this year with his March EP Could Be Worse. By accomplishing this, everything that followed was more likely to be accepted by fans. And that’s exactly what took place. After that release, Lil Maru made sure to keep his foot on the pedal, by dropping more heat.

    Speaking His Truth
    As we approach the end of the year, it was only right that Lil Maru left listeners with even more music. Just recently, his newest EP From Me 2 You hit the streets, and it might be his best work this year. It’s just how he authentically raps his truth centered around his Mexican-American background. All of this confirms to me that his talent is going to propel him to take over the Latin charts.

    This EP includes an 8-song tracklist and a diverse group of features. Things start off with the intro track, “Get Me On”. Off the jump, he makes sure you never forget that he’s repping the West Coast to the fullest. Because this song has enough West-coast bounce to go around. More importantly, you get to see Lil Maru tap into his melodic bag. For most artists, it’s often difficult to ask them to bring that same intensity to every song, especially if they have features. Reasons like this are why I can appreciate a song like “Mistake” featuring Alabama’s OMB Peezy. Normally, I wouldn’t expect it to work since both artists have such a dominant presence. But they made it work and Peezy shows why he’s the best feature on this project.

    Can’t Imitate His Style
    By far, the best song of the entire EP is “Mr. Steal My Swag”. We are all very familiar with the act of swagger-jacking and that’s what this song is about. Lil Maru is truly fed up with folks copying his style. And this song is about him coming to an understanding that it comes with the territory of being a new artist with a unique style.

    I can sleep safely at night knowing that West-coast music is in safe hands. Lil Maru will for sure be a part of the next generation of California artists trying to recreate the magic of their golden age. Be sure to follow Lil Maru on Instagram below.

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