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    Lauren London Talks ‘Forever Stronger’ Collection

    Lauren London, Puma Drop ‘Forever Stronger’ Collection

    Lauren London successfully uses creativity and business to overcome great loss and find a new normal.

    In fact, her new collection exudes positivity. London refers to her new line with Puma as “affirmative clothing.”

    “Forever Stronger is an affirmation,” says London over the phone. “It’s just for you to walk around with a message that can remind yourself or somebody else that’s reading your hoodie or your T-shirt. And it’s easy, simple pieces you can wear.”

    How the Marathon Continues

    In 2019, Lauren London immediately picked up the baton following the untimely passing of her partner and son’s father. In the touching campaign video, London announced the first partnership with Puma.

    “Puma was so caring and respectful and very gentle with me and gave me the creative freedom to choose my collaborators and control how I wanted to announce the partnership,” says London. “We didn’t want to make a blank announcement. We wanted it to be authentic and for it to mean something. And Forever Stronger is such a message that is really authentic to me.”

    Puma Partnership Takes New Form

    London partnered with Puma for several campaigns over the past two years. However, this will be her first collaborative collection with the brand that will include a T-shirt, hoodie, and black and white Puma Suede sneakers embroidered with “Forever Stronger.” To pay homage to Nipsey, the hoodie and T-shirt showcase a small blue heart. Moreover, items from the line range from $30 to $75. London is enjoying expanding the depth of her artistry outside of acting.

    “I think just as an artist, you just, I think it’s natural for us to expand and be creative,” says London. “And as long as it’s in alignment with your purpose and what you stand for, you can unfold in all kinds of spaces.”

    Keep your eyes out for other artistic forms of expression that will come from Lauren London in the future.

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