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    Detroit Based Rapper L.D. Takes A Different Approach on “No New Friends”

    As much as we view success as an individual effort, to me, it can be seen more as a collaborative effort. I’ve always felt that your supporting cast has to potential to make or break you. I learned my lesson the hard way by letting too many people get close to me. Detroit-based rapper L.D. knows exactly what that feels like based on his new single, “No New Friends”.

    Not Like The Rest

    The thing I like the most about L.D.’s artistry is how different he is from the typical Detroit rapper. I don’t want to sound like a hater, but it feels like they are rapping about the same couple of themes in the “D”: scamming, drugs, and obtaining money. And don’t get me wrong, that’s cool and all, but sometimes I need actual substance in my rap music. That’s why I gravitated to his music, he knows how to paint a vivid picture of the hardships in his life.

    His newly released single is a precautionary warning to all young adults about the so-called friends they keep in their immediate circle. What good is it having people in your life that provide zero value? That’s the message that L.D. is trying to convey. He maintains the same selective attitude with beat selection. Because he couldn’t have chosen a more fitting beat to steadily rap over. Simply, it allows him to get some things off his chest without being rushed.

    I appreciate how he even finds time to tackle mature topics such as how quickly life can switch up on you. Disappointment after disappointment led him to shed light on his personal struggles. Doing this helps tell his story better and paints a clearer picture of what kind of artist he is. But the accompanying music video helped bring the lyrics to life.

    Directed by Chris Bush, he gives viewers his creative interpretation through his lenses. The grainy camera effect makes the video feel more personal, like it’s lost footage. It’s such a well-shot video that accomplishes a lot without overdoing it.

    If you were paying attention to the details of this song, you see it has an effective message. Unless an excellent opportunity presents itself, it makes no sense to add new people into your space.

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