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    Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Getting Married..Bye Bye KUWTK!!

    It seems like Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott will be making the ultimate declaration in the upcoming days. The two are expected to get married, and officially become husband and wife.

    An outlet has reported that the skincare mogul Kylie Jenner, and her Houston rapper boyfriend will be tieing the knot this Summer. The couple moved into a nice mansion last year, and also have a baby together. This is what a source had to say regarding the two’s relationship.

    Kylie Travis Getting Married

    “It burns away at Kylie that they had StormiOpens a New Window. out of wedlock, but at the time their relationship was shaky and then things got pushed onto the back burner because they couldn’t figure out a prenup agreement that suits them both.”

    At the moment Kylie is 21, while Travis Scott is 28, and their relationship hasn’t been perfect. Several rumors of infidelity on the rapper‘s part have left people questioning if the relationship would actually work. Overall there hasn’t been any significant proof to reflect that Travis Scott is not a man of his word. The rapper has flat out denied all claims and ties to all women outside of Kylie.

    “Kylie got anonymous messages from a woman claiming to be Travis’ side piece,” a source told Radar. “The woman had no proof, but Kylie flipped out.”

    The source also released other information that is sure to piss Kris Jenner off. It has been said that Kylie is looking to discontinue a regular on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  At the moment her cosmetics line is thriving, and rather allocate her time to something else.

    Kylie thinks KUWTK has run its course,” an informant shared. “She is just so busy with Kylie CosmeticsOpens a New Window. that she doesn’t have time to deal with the long hours it takes to film.”

    In conclusion, do you believe that Kylie Travis getting married? Will Kylie leave KUWTK?

    Illustration: Kamaal Holly

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