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    King Ice Is The Heavyweight Jeweler!

    King Ice has been one of the more reputable jewelers in the past decade. Founded in 2007 in Los Angeles, California, the King Ice brand has specialized in curating trends from hip-hop and streetwear culture in the jewelry and accessory business. For over a decade, King Ice has been the leading industry tastemaker in creating premium wearable art  inspired by culture.

    A bevy of impressive and diverse collaborations that include the likes of the Death Row Records, No Limit Records, Ruff Ryders, Playstation, Xbox, Sonic, and countless others stems from the brilliant minds of the founders, Derek Belay and Cuong Diep. The company is set to more than just one form of craftsmanship and artistry but always looking to spice up the repertoire of jewelry procured from them.

    New editions include Halo, which is one of Microsoft’s premiere gaming series, the iconic PAC-MAN character from the gaming series, and of course, another beloved video game character Sonic The Hedgehog. PAC-MAN released on November 1st, the Halo edition was released on the 17th, and on December 1st, a new series of Sonic The Hedgehog works of art will be debuted worldwide.


    Above are some of the beautiful pieces from their recent collections.

    King Ice has once again curated some of the best jewelry humankind has ever seen, from the beautiful shine to the distinct glimmer of their new pieces. We are excited to see what else they got in store very soon.

    Here some fun facts about the new drops: The Halo Limited Edition Energy Swords sold out in two hours, while the Limited Edition Super Sonic restocks December 1st, 2022 because the First drop of Limited Edition Super Sonic sold out in three hours of release. We loved the PAC-MAN video montage specifically!


    To find out more about their recent drops and to keep up with their journey, check out their website below. FYI – they have other drop montages of different collections via their website.



    Sonic the Hedgehog


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