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    Kid Bookie releases ‘Drowning’ taken from ‘Shake Up’ EP

    “People need to check this, Bookie one of the most unique UK rappers we have” – Flava D

    Premiered by Clash Magazine, ‘Drowning’ is lifted off of Kid Bookies’ ‘Shake Up’ EP. Known for his real talk and depth in his lyricism, this video is the rawest of Bookie’s to date and delves into many issues such as rape and suicide over a mellow beat produced by Lewis Cullen. It’s gripping and dark, but none the less it comes with a sense of enlightenment, allowing the viewers to start a conversation.

    Kid Bookie says of ‘Drowning’ ”I understand this is not pretty, nor is it something I expect anyone to turn round and say ‘great video, the grading was amazing’, if anything this is a conversation piece, a narrative of discussion displayed in its most raw, uncut from, break the stigma of turning a blind eye because we do not see tragedy, this is tragedy and I will never stop depicting the darkness of the world as long I live, enlightenment is a great torch to carry, do not stay in the dark because being comfortable allows you to not see, sorry to all the women and men that have struggled with speaking, i’m no advocate but I exist with you.”

    Kid Bookie is a largely untapped fountain of musical mastery from the UK. With the exception of just a few key figures that have spent time discovering his unique rap talent, charm and unapologetic truths, there remains a lot that are still to unearth his potential. The release of his brand new EP is set to be the catalyst for his discovery as Kid Bookie grabs listeners by the balls and gets ready to give things a ‘Shake Up’.

    Both sensational and whimsical, ‘Shake Up’ delivers a sonic collection of Bookie’s current mind state, something that is evident through all of his music. His quick wit and real talk could be mistaken as being offensive at first glance, however when you peel back the layers, you realise the depth within his lyricism, and its this refreshingly confident truthfulness that has earned him some spectacular support so far, particularly from the U.S Hip-Hop fraternity.

    Having won serious Hip Hop supporters and comrades from the likes of DJ Semtex, D12’s Kuniva and ex Slaugherhouse’s Crooked, Kid Bookie has a firm foundation within the scene and has many ears on his unique, real and entertaining music. He crosses boundaries in music that others are afraid to and defies genres, blurring lines constantly which makes his sounds fresh and authentic. ‘Shake Up’ is one of his most bold and real statements to date and should definitely be inhaled as an experience.




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