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    Kehlani’s New “Can I” Music Video

    Kehlani’s music video for “Can I”, from her album It Was Good Until It Wasn’t, came out yesterday. The video features directors Sebastian Sdaigui and Hyphy Williams. 

    The video is an “ode to sex work”, says Kehlani, and is about “uplifting their movement”. 

    The track’s new video features a number of individuals, appearing on what seems to be a sex service website. Kehlani chose to include real sex workers for this project, a detail fans have voiced their support and admiration for. 

    The music video ends on a quote from Da’Shaun Harrison. The quote emphasizes the importance of recognizing sex work as a “legitimate form of labor”, along with learning about the needs of sex workers. Harrison is a nonbinary abolitionist and organizer from Atalanta, Georgia. Harrison is known for speaking publicly about race, gender, and sexuality, along with many other topics.

    Kehlani's New "Can I" Music Videodayshawn

    The sex workers movement has been a progressive movement, dating back to the 1970s. Since then, the Sex Worker Advocates Coalition was first formed in DC in 2016.

    The group experienced its first victory in 2017 with the introduction of a bill to decriminalize sex work. The bill’s introduction came via DC’s David Grosso. This was the first time a politician introduced the idea anywhere in the country since the legalization of prostitution in parts of Nevada.

    Kehlani has always been vocal regarding her support for LGBTQ rights and controversial topics. 

    Kehlani released It Was Good Until It Wasn’t this past May

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