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    KBFR Saves The Day With “For Real”

    The year is 2022. It’s been almost three years since the pandemic started and it’s safe to say everyone’s life has drastically changed since it started. Some for the better, and some for the worse. Who would’ve thought the decisions we made during the pandemic could affect the trajectory of the rest of our lives? One artist out of Philadelphia, KBFR, made the most out of a bad situation, and took his career to the next level in the heat of the pandemic.

    KBFR the Opportunist

    With the help of TikTok, KBFR’s song “Hood Baby” went viral. From Kourtney Kardashian to Jason Derulo, people all across the world were having fun doing the ‘Hood Baby’ challenge. Unlike most viral challenges, this one stood out because the song behind the challenge was insanely catchy and had great replay value.

    To sweeten the deal, KBFR somehow got YSL-affiliate Lil Gotit to hop on the official remix of the track. As if the song wasn’t already good enough, they took it to another level on the remix. Showing that he can hang with the best of them, KBFR made a great first impression to listeners.

    If you’re wondering what his acronyms stand for the meaning of his name, it’s quite simple. It stands for his government name Kelby combined with the phrase “for real”. He’s as authentic as they come and doesn’t cap in his raps. Recently he dropped his full-length project For Real to put all non-believers on notice.

    Real Deal

    Spanning 11 songs, we explore the psyche and get to understand him more as a person. Unlike most artists who blew up off TikTok, KBFR let this project be proof that he’s bringing something substantial to the table. Songs like “Move to Miami” prove that he’s more than meets the eye. He gets personal and raps about his big plans and how far he wants to take this rap shit. But then you also have tracks like “Psychedelics” where you can rock out. It’s more high-energy and better suited for the function. The song that I kept coming back to was “Everything Big”. It made me feel like I was on cloud nine, listening to him cruise slow over the hard-knocking production. Everything about this project was well worth the 3-year wait.

    If you appreciate fun music that you can listen to at any time of the day, this project will be worth listening to. Even though he doesn’t try to bar you up, KBFR knows how to incorporate creative wordplay into his lyricism. So don’t sleep on him lyrically, nobody’s touching him when it comes to punchlines. Overall, it’s a great listen and music for everyone to enjoy.

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