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    Kanye West Signs 10-Year Clothing Deal With Gap

    Can Kanye West Save the Gap?

    Kanye West recently signed a deal for clothing, and it might not be with who you’d expect. West has decided to sign a 10-year contract with Gap, creating clothing under the name Yeezy Gap.

    What to Expect from Yeezy Gap

    When one thinks of fashion the Gap is definitely not the first thing that comes to mind. The deal only includes clothing, as a result of Kanye’s current work with Adidas for shoes. Although I have enjoyed some of the Yeezy shoes, West’s style for clothing has always struck me as a bit odd.

    Yeezy Gap
    Image via Hollywood Life

    Personally I believe the clothing looks pretty basic, especially for the pricing of the apparel. The aesthetic of Kanye West’s design for clothing does fit with the Gap pretty well though. Hopefully, Yeezy Gap will offer some more affordable and reasonable prices for clothing, something that the Gap has been known for.

    Final Thoughts

    The Yeezy Gap clothing line is set to drop in the Spring of 2021. The Gap has been struggling to financially succeed as of recent, but the signing of Kanye West will be sure to help things. The stock has already shot up after the brand’s announcement of the Yeezy Gap collaboration. I personally don’t think West’s clothing style offers anything too special, but he does bring a unique approach to things which should be cool to see.

    What do you guys have to say though?

    Are you surprised to see a clothing collaboration between Kanye West and the Gap? Do you expect Yeezy Gap to be as successful as the West’s endeavors with Adidas? And what other fashion brands out there are you a big fan of?

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