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    Justin Bieber Cashes Out For $200 Million For Selling Music Catalog

    If we’re being honest, pocket-watching should be highly illegal. Nothing irritates the hell out of me more than seeing someone else worry about another person’s pocket. The only reason I bring this up is that pocket-watching is at an all-time high after Justin Bieber news broke the Internet. According to sources, the Jusin Bieber’s music catalog is being sold for a price of around $200 million.

    Justin Bieber Music: Singer Has Too Many Opinions

    After this news hit the press, everybody and their mother interjected their opinion on what they would do in Justin Bieber’s shoes. In fact, most people claimed they would’ve passed on the opportunity because they thought it was a bad deal. I can’t believe so many who have never worked a day in the music industry have so much to say.

    Anyone who had anything bad to say didn’t consider the external factors that influenced the decision. As someone who works in the music industry, I believe Bieber made a smart choice. For one, he probably didn’t even own most of his music anyway due to songwriters and record labels getting their cut. So if anything, he got more than he should’ve.

    Another obvious factor that likely influenced his choice was instant money. In 2023, I feel like people need cash to move around. Liquid assets can be put to work right away. He didn’t complete his stadium tour, so he probably had to pay some people back.

    Times Are Changing in Music

    Times are truly changing in the music industry. Justin Bieber’s music is for sale. He understands the business and realizes that music isn’t as profitable as it used to be. I think it has something to do with the emergence of streaming. Regardless, I can almost guarantee that Bieber is not losing any sleep over his decision.

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