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    Junt Sosa Tries To Led People Down The Right Path In “Empty”

    While some artists produce music just to top the music charts, others produce new tracks the have meaning. For Georgia rapper Junt Sosa, he’s experienced a huge change in his life. Furthermore, the country emcee has been making music since high school and continued pursuing a music career whilst incarcerated. Ever since his release from jail, Sosa has been teaching the world the lessons he learned in life. Similar to Gucci Mane’s transformation, Sosa has undergone a 360-degree turnaround. In talks about his release, Sosa noted that, “I saw the next man and it didn’t really look good on him. He wasn’t strong as I was.” Junt Sosa also wants people to know that they’re capable of making the same changes in their life if they apply themselves.

    Now a brand-new man, Junt Sosa dropped his first record “Empty” since his release. The song finds the Georgia artist tackling his own personal challenges in life. Sometimes we must go through a lot of Hell before change can happen.

    Junt Sosa Feels Alone In A Crowded Room

    While Sosa has a more positive outlook on life, he sometimes experiences bad moments. The rapper has the whole support of his family and friends, backing him up every step of the way. Even so, there are some aspects of his life that lack substance and meaning. Furthermore, Sosa’s “Empty” explores his feelings of being alone, even in a room full of people. The Georgia artist has come a long way from way from the person he once was. Arguably, the fact that he recognizes that he wants more from his life, means that he’s changed. In a way, “Empty” finds the artist reflecting over his life choices and finding ways to better himself.

    He Wishes To Lead People Down The Right Path


    Junt Sosa makes it known that he’s a big deal in his hometown. Though, it’s not just because his rap skills or self-described Trap Country rap style. Moreover, Sosa presents himself as a Prophet to the people, hoping to lead them on the righteous path. After having learned from his mistakes, Junt Sosa hopes that his street narratives will stir upcoming emcees in the right direction in life. Be sure to check out more music by the Georgia rapper Junt Sosa.





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