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    June Ambrose Brings Hip-Hop Style to Formula 1 Racing

    June Ambrose Brings Hip-Hop Style to Formula 1 Racing

    Stylist to the stars and entrepreneur June Ambrose is known for her edgy fashion. She’s behind Missy Elliott’s blow-up suit in “Supa Dupa Fly,” as well as the costumes and styling for Jay-Z’s On The Run tours and Black Is King movie.

    She’s now bringing her style to another cultural subset as Puma Hoops’ Creative Director. The celebrity stylist has also worked with Mariah Carey, Will Smith, and popular brands like Puma.

    Jay-Z On The Run Tours

    June Ambrose has had a longstanding working relationship with Jay-Z. She has played a significant role in styling him for various tours, including the “On the Run” tours.

    The “On the Run” tours were co-headlining stadium tours by Jay-Z and Beyoncé, which took place in 2014 and 2018.

    Jay-Z’s style blended streetwear, high-end fashion, and tailored ensembles during these tours. June Ambrose incorporated various elements into his wardrobe, including designer pieces, custom-made outfits, and statement accessories.

    She paid attention to the details, ensuring that each look represented Jay-Z’s unique style while aligning with the overarching visual concept of the tour.

    Ambrose’s styling choices for Jay-Z on the “On the Run” tours contributed to the overall spectacle of the performances, elevating the concert experience for the audience.

    Her collaboration with Jay-Z showcased her ability to create cohesive and visually striking fashion moments while highlighting the artist’s style and brand image.

    Supa Dupa Fly

    June Ambrose has collaborated closely with Missy Elliott, an American rapper, singer, and songwriter, on multiple music videos and public appearances. She helped create many of Missy Elliott’s unique and groundbreaking fashion looks.

    Black Is King

    June Ambrose played a significant role in styling the visual album “Black Is King,” which was released by Beyoncé in 2020. “Black Is King” is a companion to Beyoncé’s album “The Lion King: The Gift” and serves as a celebration of African culture and black excellence.

    June Ambrose worked closely with Beyoncé and her team to create visually stunning and culturally rich fashion looks.

    These looks paid homage to African heritage. Ambrose incorporated a diverse range of African designers and brands into the styling, showcasing the richness and diversity of African fashion.

    June Ambrose’s work on “Black Is King” showcased her talent for storytelling through fashion and her ability to collaborate with artists to create visually captivating and culturally significant looks.


    Ambrose has been working with the streetwear brand 2020 as the creative director. Ambrose’s first collection with the brand includes pieces that blend sportswear and streetwear culture.

    Among them are the Rise NITRO women’s basketball shoes. These shoes retail for $150, and the Victory reversible women’s track jacket that’s available for $250.

    Puma is known for its innovative designs and commitment to athletic performance. They have consistently pushed the boundaries of sportswear.

    Ambrose’s creative prowess and expertise in styling align perfectly with Puma’s mission, making this potential collaboration an exciting prospect for both parties.

    Ambrose x Formula 1 Racing

    The renowned A-List stylist is now expanding her work to the basketball world, including Formula-1 racing. Ambrose’s new collection with Puma, June Ambrose For Scuderia Ferrari embraces the influence of luxury hip-hop fashion in a rapidly growing sport.

    June Ambrose’s collaboration with Scuderia Ferrari emphasizes women’s empowerment in motorsports.

    Formula 1 Racing Fashion

    Formula 1 (F1) has long been synonymous with speed, precision, and cutting-edge technology. However, beyond the racetrack, another aspect of F1 has been gaining attention in recent years. Its influence on fashion has impacted culture, from streetwear to Rosalia’s song Motormami.

    Formula 1 racing and fashion intersection has created a dynamic and exciting fusion. The adrenaline-fueled world of motorsports collides with the glamour and style of the fashion industry.

    Ambrose Highlights Formula 1

    Formula 1’s influence on fashion transcends the confines of the racetrack. It has become a lifestyle, inspiring a fashion-forward mindset that extends to street style and everyday wear.

    F1-themed clothing, accessories, and merchandise have become popular among fans, allowing them to showcase their passion for the sport in their day-to-day lives.

    Ambrose has a unique perspective and ability to infuse streetwear with high fashion. Collaborating with Puma could produce a fresh and vibrant collection. The collab will include bold prints, rich earth-tone colors, and unexpected fabric combinations.

    The combo reflects and captures the essence of both Ambrose’s style and Puma’s athletic heritage. From footwear to apparel, this collaboration could offer fashion and sports enthusiasts a new perspective on sportswear.

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