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    Jeff Bezos To Buy Manhattan Penthouse For $35 Million!!

    The fearless Amazon leader may be putting up some big coins for purchase. The $35 million dollar property is just pennies of his actual worth.

    The Amazon e-commerce giant CEO Jeff Bezos may be landing a pad in New York City. While walking around in Chelsea’s Walker Tower accompanied by security, Bezos grabbed attention. Within seconds word got around that the richest man in the world was apartment shopping. Currently, there is an entire top-floor penthouse on the market for $35 million. If the purchase goes through, this could surely ignite a big push in New York’s dragging real estate market. The overpriced properties have slowed down selling in the market, forcing firms to slash prices in half!

    Jeff Bezos $35 Million

    The high-priced penthouse is currently on the market after some serious allegations. The current owner allegedly purchasing the property with proceeds from international money-laundering. Currently, the feds are investigating the matter in question. Furthermore, the owner purchased the property in 2014 for $50 Million. Overall, the price tag is the most expensive home to sell in downtown Manhattan. In addition, before it was rumored that Amazon would have a second headquarters in New York. Ultimately, several groups of people disputed the thought of the ideal. Amazon is still undecided on the final location of the secondary headquarters.

    His possibly purchasing the penthouse shows people just how long his money is. Most recently it was reported that Bezos and his wife were in the middle of a divorce.  Above all, in the middle of March, the two finalized the permanent separation. The final straw in their marriage came after it was allegedly discovered that Bezos was hitting Lauren Sanchez for months. The founder continues to find innovative ways to beat out industry giants. Because of the logistics behind Amazon, plenty of flagship brands are closing down stores internationally. Above all, consumers are now able to conveniently shop without having to go to the store.

    Do you think it’s right for Jeff Bezos’s $35 Million dollar Penthouse? Should he spend his money elsewhere?

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