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    Jay-Z’s Music Makes a Return To Spotify

    The Roc Is Back

    Jay-Z has always been a man with many hats. Executive producer, Social Justice Reformist, Sports Manager, Clothing Designer the list goes on. But the one he is most known for wearing is being one of the biggest Hip-Hop artists of all time. Jay-Z has given use 13 solo and 4 collaborative albums within the past twenty-three years. And now all Jay-z music returning to Spotify after a two-year hiatus.

    Jay-Zs Music Makes a Return-1

    All of his music catalog has been out back on to Spotify to celebrate his 50th birthday. Spotify took to twitter earlier today and posted “Happy birthday, Hov Welcome back to Spotify,” followed by a link to his music page. For those that do not know, Jay-Z is the owner of the streaming platform Tidal. When Jay originally created this service a few years ago, all of his music was removed from Spotify shortly after. For a long time, the only place you could listen to his music was through his streaming service. This drew a lot of people to tidal for his music, but it was also very inconvenient for longtime Spotify customers. But now that his music is accessible again, Spotify listeners are no longer missing out on his great music catalog.

    How do you guys feel about Jay-Z’s music returning to Spotify?

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