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    Jay Montana Scorches The Earth With His Newest Release ‘They Forgot’

    Something has to be in the water in Alabama because it feels like out of nowhere they can’t stop breeding household names. Artists like Mobile’s NoCap or Rylo Rodriguez have recently seen mainstream success, which is incredible coming from a city that isn’t considered a major market in music. But that doesn’t stop them. Another Alabama artist that has the potential to have a similar career trajectory is Jay Montana . He recently received editorial support from multiple publications like Lyrical Lemonade or Daily Chiefers. It’s seriously only a matter of time till the world knows Alabama rapper Jay Montana.

    The Next Hope

    Alabama’s music has a distinct sound like most regions of the United States. To put it in words, it sounds as if someone removed the best elements of country music and applied those vocal techniques and song structure to rap music. Montana is a true fan of music and its composition before he was an artist, and it shows in his music. In the same way that trained vocalists can do vocal runs, he understands how to utilize his voice and express his vocals.

    Vocally Blessed

    His melodic harmonies swept me off my feet when I was originally introduced to his music. But on his newest project, They Forgot , Montana demonstrates that he is not yet done evolving musically. This version of him is the best version that we have seen yet, showcasing what he has been working on.

    The project opens with “Love Serious”. I admire him for starting off the project on a personal note. This track is Jay Montana is in his most vulnerable state. He discusses having to shield his heart from others, after countless times of being led astray. Montana follows up with the next track “Bloodshed” where Montana goes beneath the surface of what really goes down in the streets of ‘Bama. He takes us to a time in his life, when all he could think of was revenge, and how it held him back as a person. My personal favorite song of them all is the title track and outro “They Forgot”. Experimenting even more with his sound. On the last track, we see Montana rap over-hyper pop-production, something we don’t see from him often. He introduces a brand new flow showing his versatility.
    What are your thoughts on They Forgot ? Drop a comment below for more updates on Alabama rapper Jay Montana.

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