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    Jacob Blake’s Shooter, Rusten Sheskey Is Acquitted Of All Charges

    Recent_News_on_Wisconsin_Police_Kenosha_Police_Jacob_Blake_HypefreshOn August 23 2020, Rusten Sheskey shot 29-year-old Jacob Blake in the back, paralyzing him for life. Riots and violence rampaged the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Fourteen months later, Sheskey is set free from all accountability of the incident. He will not face charges for the shooting.

    Hate Crimes: The Black Man vs. The U.S Legal System

    In America, the Black man is of no significance, and white society discards him to the legal system. The term “Black man” is a euphemism for the n-word, subjecting anyone falling under this term to modern slavery.

    The victim mentality the Black man coins among the deplorable wiles of the Department of Corrections is a call to silence the Black community.

    Why is it that Black people are to take the blame for victimization, when we are in fact victims of a narcissistic government?

    Black people are gaslighted for simply wanting equality.

    Jacob Blake vs. Rusten Sheskey 

    According to 5 Chicago, Kenosha officers respond to a call from the mother of Blake’s children.

    Laquisha Booker complained that Blake would not return her car keys. She also stated that he attempted to take the car with the children in the backseat.

    Alternatively, a call under these circumstances for a white man is considerably survivable; however, for the Black man, the song carries a different tune.

    When officers arrived, dispatch informed Sheskey that there was a warrant for Jacob’s arrest. He was wanted for domestic abuse and sexual assault.

    Undoubtedly, officers attempted to arrest Blake. Then, there was a struggle. The officers used two taser tactics, with direct and indirect shocks.

    A video from a bystanders does not show the man with a knife.

    Jacob stood up approaching the car again. Sheskey yelled, “drop the knife” before firing seven rounds into his back as he leaned in the car. Sheskey fired shots with the children in the car.

    The Final Verdict

    Though the victim survived, haywire stirs again. According to Washington Times, the officer returned to duty on March 31 after a short suspension.

    Fast forward to last Friday, The DOJ determined that there is insufficient evidence, Sheskey is to be free of all charges. The case closed indefinitely.

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