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    JA. Mack: The Up and Coming Veteran

    Birmingham native JA. Mack is an up and coming veteran. The actor is much worthy of HypeFresh’s recognition as his talents continue to blossom after years in showbiz. Before HypeFresh could dive into asking question, JA. lays it all out. It is our honor to help celebrate such talent.

    Meet JA. Mack.

    As JA. prepares for his interview, he jokes about his nights out in Atlanta while lighting a black and mild. He takes a puff, then jokes about how aggressive the “cougars” are in Atlanta. Although Mack is from Birmingham, the thespian now resides in Atlanta, Georgia to continue his dreams as an actor. JA. explains his childhood growing up as an only child as well as being a military brat. Mack’s story is a little different from most, as his mother is a military veteran. JA.’s mother, a single mom, earns numerous rankings during the 80’s, calling for Mack to have a nanny. This is where the magic begins. He explains that his younger nanny as being very hands on, participating in games with him. She would have JA. to give his toys personalities, giving them characteristics to interact with. This would be the start to young JA.’s acting career.

    Growing older as a kid, acting is the furthest away from Mack’s mind. Describing himself as charismatic, he tells us how people were just naturally drawn to him. By the age of 12, things would take off. At that time, Mack explains his aspirations as an athlete rather than acting.

    At 16, a drama teacher at JA.’s high school would randomly come to his class one day to ask him to audition for a play. Never seeing JA. act, this would come to a surprise for the then athlete. Although he didn’t understand her reasons, he would still go for the role. Without a doubt, he would score the role. Back then, drama classes would take plays on competitions. With his small role, he would go on to compete in the Alabama State Trumbauer Competiton. With judges having an eye for his talent, he would win one out of two slots for the award, “All Allstar Cast Member”. From here, JA. would accept his talent of being a natural actor. He would go on to compete for acting solo dramatic, acting solo comedic where he would secure first and second place winnings. Upon winning first place at the Alabama State Thespian Competition, he would advance to the international state competition.

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