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    Is Yeezy Season 5 Uninspired?

    In terms of streetwear culture, the unveiling of Kanye West’s YEEZY is by far the most anticipated collection in fashion. With his untouchable legacy as a style icon, Mr. West is undoubtedly a fashion trailblazer through his strong influence on urban apparel. Although reception from previous YEEZY collections was generally mixed, each selection seemed to offer something new.

    YEEZY Season 5, on the other hand, feels different. Modeled after an Americana theme through a modern norm-core lens, this collection continues the baggy, disheveled look that we have grown to expect from YEEZY, from the nostalgia-evoking trucker jackets to the washed denim and camouflaged everything. Nonetheless, very few pieces truly stick out as fashionable.

    Instead, Kanye seems to be offering staple items that we can either purchase at our local thrift store or probably already have in your closet. It’s safe to say that the homeless “chic” look is overdone and is in desperate need of retirement. Honestly, if the YEEZY brand was not attached, would this collection garner half (let alone, any) of its praise?

    There are, of course, some standouts. The Adidas Calabasas line which consists of sleek athletic jackets and sweatpants as well as the YEEZY Runners seemed to be crowd favorites. Another show stopper on the runway was the long high-end fur coat sported by the Hijabi-wearing model Halima Aden as she effortlessly exuded luxury and elegance.

    Although a relative disappointment, the Season 5 will not be a deal breaker in YEEZY’s streetwear appeal. However, Kanye may need to offer something a bit more fresh and original in the next collection before things get too stale.

    Check out the full collection here.

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