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    Introducing Eleven Years, German-Based Band Making Waves

    Getting to Know the German Band: Eleven Years

    Eleven Years is a German band determined take rock music into a new direction. This quintet of extremely strong vocalists cleverly incorporates pop, rock and punk sounds. Eleven Years has chosen the video for their song “ Hymn For The Dancers” as their debut. The title of the single speaks for itself. This high energy party anthem served as a perfect introduction for the band.

    This release was followed by another pop rock gem that featured singer Izzy Gallegos, former of European boy band US5. This feature combines the edgy drive of electric guitars with the catchy melody underneath. Excellent instrumental arrangement is not the only appeal of this song. The track also stands out with its strong vocals delivered by Eleven Years and Izzy Gallegos. “Love & Life “ is the track you would blast in your car on the road trip, because it instantly betters your mood.

    The video has a lighthearted vibe that incorporates humor making it a masterpiece.

    The release of their self titled album marked another important milestone for the guys. Packed with electrifying music, the album will leave a lasting impression on the listener.  Each track on the album is like a puzzle piece, different from one another but contributing to one picture.

    What’s in Store for Eleven Years?

    Eleven Years is just starting their musical journey, and we cannot wait to see what they do next. We are certain that their music will appeal to pop and rock music lovers alike. The guys are currently working on new music. Additionally, the band plans to perform at a rock festival in Germany this summer. For upcoming releases and latest news from the guys follow them on Instagram. For all the quality rock music lovers, Eleven Years is definitely the band to watch.

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