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    Influencer Awareness: Are They Famous People Without Protection?

    The U.S might be banning Tik Tok

    Being an influencer seems to be at the top of a lot of young women’s list nowadays; however, there are some things to discuss. To raise awareness, HypeFresh wants to discuss the dangerous side of influencing. This isn’t to deter or discourage aspiring influencers, this is just a warning to keep the girls, (& guys) safe. YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are all places where one can go and become a star overnight. In the last decade and a half, social media’s rise is responsible for the fame and serious cash flow for some influencers.

    According to Credit Donkey, an influencer with one million followers can make up to $250,000 per sponsored post. Of course, that all depends on the current trends, the influencers’ niche, etc. A lot of folks are choosing to go this route, and why not? Making money from doing what you love everyday is golden for sure. There is a dark side to everything, with this being no exception. Are influencers famous people with no protection? Maybe in the future, being a bodyguard for influencers will be listed on Indeed, but for now, it’s not.

    Influencer Safety and Acknowledgement

    We all can agree that there are some pretty creepy people in the world. The last thing we want is for those creepy people to be onto us. Jenae Gagnier, an Instagram influencer was killed last year by a delusional stalker “soulmate”, according to Jonie E Johnston. Known as Miss Mercedes Morr on social media, the model was beaten and strangled to death. Her killer, Kevin Accorto lay dying when the victim’s father discovered the scene inside his daughter’s apartment after kicking the door in. He committed suicide after staying in Gagnier’s apartment a few days, writing on her walls in lipstick. “I wished I never loved you”. The suspect was a resident of Florida, not Texas, where Gagnier resided.

    Back in February, teen TikTok influencer, Ava Majury would also fall victim to stalking. However, the teens father did not come to play. When the armed stalker showed up at their Florida home, Ava’s father was there to protect her. Thankfully, the killer didn’t make it far before being killed himself. What about the girls with no father’s around?

    Influencer awareness is more necessary now than ever. Being safe online is difficult as technology continues to advance. Buy a gun, ladies. Learn how to use it, properly. Take self defense classes and if you can, keep someone with you. Only post locations after you’re not there anymore. Don’t post your house, apartment or vehicle. Be careful who you interact with online.

    Stay beautiful and safe while getting coin, y’all!

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