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    Indie Love Songs That Will Melt Your Heart

    Indie Love Songs for the Saps at Heart

    Especially in matters of the heart, sometimes it is best to slow everything down. Remember, it is okay to partake in the softer side of life. Check out these four indie-inspired love tracks.

    1. Saying No to Toxic Past Relationships

    “Now you want me back, I’m sure. Well, let me show you the door.” Gold stated, “Relationships that are reignited often fail for the same reasons as before. Learn from your past, grow as an individual, and embark on a new journey with someone new.” Gold encourages her audience to understand that prioritizing self-love is more attractive than staying in a toxic relationship.

    2. Leaving a Lover behind 

    “I love you/Standing all alone in a black coat!” Coconut Records paints a vivid picture of the dreary and love-sick isolation which drives his desire to return “home to the West Coast.”

    3. An Expression of Enduring Young Love

    “Turn a lifestyle into a paradise/Living on the beach and eating fish everyday/Sipping from the fruit from the juice that she made!” You don’t actually need to live on the beach to appreciate eating fish everyday. Lifestyle is what you make it. 

    4. Communicating Feelings of Lost Love

    “Have I found you?/Flightless bird, brown hair bleeding/Or lost you?/American mouth/Big bill, stuck going down.” This soft sounding tune is about the melancholy experienced as a result of wasted potential and a lost love.

    Did these indie love songs get you in your feels?


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