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    Illinois Rapper Doodie Lo Sticks By His Word In “I Swear To God”

    Today, becoming famous comes at the touch of just a single button. Illinois rapper Davis Saulsberry aka Doodie Lo started his music career after writing and singing his own songs, and sharing them with thousands of listeners. HipHop giants like Cash Money and Yo Gotti further spurred his passion for music. It wasn’t long before the newcomer struck gold.

    Eventually, he rose to Internet fame when his track “Don’t Worry” off his 2021 debut album Big Doodie Lo, garnished millions of YouTube views. Since his big break, the rapper has been on the fast track to success. Currently, he’s a member of Lil Durk’s record label Chicago-based rap collective “ Only The Family.”  Not to mention, he’s caught the attention of 227,000 followers under his second name Big Doodie Lo.

    Obviously, Doodie Lo has some serious skills when it comes to dropping bars. It’s clear to see he has standing power, since he’s well-known for his “off-the-cuff” approach in the rap scene. When it comes to making music from the heart or giving hard lessons about the streets, Lo doesn’t need to write it down. Instead, he just goes into the studio and lets the words flow.

    His newest track “I Swear To God” speaks to the artist’s confidence in his ability to deliver a stellar song, without organizing his feelings on paper. Doodie Lo knows what he wants to say.

    Doodie Lo Doesn’t Make Idle Threats

    When it comes to Doodie Lo, he doesn’t make idle threats. The rapper isn’t just all talk and no bite. He especially makes that notion clear in his music. Furthermore, his latest song “I Swear To God” finds the rapper firing off disses at internet thugs with equally hard-hitting bars.

    “All that talking tough on the net, now you’re dead now/You better not get on the side of this vet, you get fanned down,” the emcee raps in the song.

    Furthermore, the music video shows the rapper accompanied by everyone in his “crew”, including his friends and record label head Lil Durk. In other words, Lo’s competitors should stay out of his way. He clearly has an army ready to back him up his every word.

    The Illinois Rapper Knows How To Deliver

    I swear to God
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    It’s clear that Doodie Lo knows how to deliver the goods. Making a great record isn’t an easy fret for a lot of emerging artists or independent voices. Some spend years, even decades trying to make a breakout record. Fortunately, Doodie Lo broke the mold. He has a few great records under his belt. Additionally, he even has Lil Durk backing him up every step of the way. It can’t get any better than that. Be sure to check out more music by Illinois rapper Doodie Lo in the coming months.

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