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    Ice Cube Doesn’t Play About His Mother

    Ice Cube: “Play My Mama, I’ll Come For You”

    Ice Cube like many other people will do anything in their power to defend and protect their mothers. There are just not many things that people will let slide when it comes to their mothers’ well-being. The legendary N.W.A. lyricist and actor details an almost deadly encounter with a drug addict who juuged his mother for $20. 

    The Situation

    As he retold the story on In Depth with Graham Bensinger, Ice Cube described his anger at the situation because the guy disrespected him and his family. The Los Angeles native believed that the man lucked out that day. If he was home, the group of enraged juveniles had a deadly weapon and planned to kill him. 

    During the interview, Ice Cube addressed a number of other unforgettable memories. His sister was murdered when Cube was 12 years old.

    “It showed me the world’s cruelty,” he responded. “I understood that someone you know can take away something as valuable as your life. It made me realize that life is no laughing matter. It is precious and it transformed me into a more serious individual. It stole a part of my innocence, my childhood. It stripped away a piece of what it means to be a child.”

    Despite all the things he witnessed, Cube managed to achieve great success. In addition, the world gets to witness the continuation of his legacy through his son O’Shea Jackson, Jr. 

    All in all, the number one rule of thumb is to leave Ice Cube and his people alone. He surely isn’t the one to mess around with.

    Watch the full interview below.

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