IAMBABYCHAPO Enlists Late-Drakeo The Ruler For New Single “BallinRealLife”


IAmBabyChapo is an up-and-coming artist from South Central known for his stylish street rap style, infectious money-driven hooks, and a sizzling collaboration with the prominent West Coast artist Drakeo The Ruler. Their track “BallinRealLife” is available now on IAmBabyChapo’s own label.For the artist’s sixth single release of the year, Chapo, with his charismatic tone and aggressive presence, raps about living the young, fly, flashy, and fast lifestyle of a hustler..

“BallinRealLife” is more than a song to IAmBabyChapo, it’s one of the proudest moments of his career so far. For Chapo, the collaboration is a dream come true as he has been a fan of Drakeo and looks at him as one of his biggest influences in music. Therefore, when the opportunity arose to work with the late-recording artist, who’s best known for his single “Talk To Me” featuring Drake, it was a no-brainer.

“I was excited to be able to make a song with someone I looked up to since I was a kid. When I seen the opportunity I took it.”

On “BallinRealLife,” Drakeo shines with his signature verse filled with braggadocious street lingo and annoying the haters with descriptions of his lavish items acquired within his extravagant lifestyle. It’s all eyes on Chapo right now because of the rarity for artists so early on in their career to work with their idols — and when it happens, it always presents a larger-than-life moment that often outlives the artist’s career itself. But don’t think that IAmBabyChapo’s latest single is a one-hit wonder, it’s only the beginning of his rise to the top of the West Coast Hip Hop landscape.

He continued: “Making a song with Drakeo The Ruler was always something I wanted to do he had a different type of style that got my attention and inspired me to become a rapper his style. When I found out that I would be able to use a piece of his music to complete a song I was happy and honored.”

A look from Drakeo separates IAmBabyChapo from the majority of today’s up-and-coming West Coast independent hip-hop artists, which is a feat that showcases promised longevity from the uprising star. Outside of the big feature and series of one-shot singles, Chapo released an EP this year in five-song Lost in Space. “BallinRealLife” is supported with a music video, available now. Want to keep up with IAmBabyChapo’s journey, you may follow the new artist daily on social media.

Stream the new single from IAmBabyChapo and Drakeo now.

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