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    Trapboy Freddy Pays Huge Fine For Illegally Owning A Tiger Cub

    It’s no secret that even celebrities love exotic animals. For instance, married couple Justin and Hailey Bieber once owned two hybrid-Savannah cats. Additionally, Offset once tried to pet a lion cub in India but almost had his hand chopped off. Even HipHop stars like Chris Brown, Cardi B and The Weekend have featured big cats in the music videos. While exotic big-cats are cool, they don’t make good house pets. Not to mention, several states have made it illegal to own exotic cats.

    Devarius Dontez Moore aka Dallas rapper Trapboy Freddy learned his lesson the hard way this week. Recently, police slammed the “Races” rapper with a hefty fine for attempting to own a Tiger cub.

          The Dallas Rapper Arrested For Owning Exotic Cat


    Dallas rapper Trapboy Freddy clearly has a deep affection for animals. Back in June, he posted a photo of a tiger cub on a leash on Instagram. Furthermore, the caption linked to an Instagram account for “Cool Money Kennels,” which has him listed as its CEO. Additionally, the Kennel featured several puppies for sale.

    Though, Freddy’s animal sanctuary came to an abrupt halt on Wednesday when authorities arrested him and seized the Tiger cub. Furthermore, a dispatch team arrived at 2700 block of Meadow Gate Lane in Dallas, Texas to aid U.S Marshals in serving the rapper his federal arrest warrant.

    During Trapboy Freddy’s arrest, Dallas Animal Services collected the Tiger cub. Currently, they have the animal in protective custody in “an undisclosed location.” Unfortunately, the agency failed to provide more details on the cub’s whereabouts.

    Oddly enough, Freddy’s latest arrest led the Dallas Zoo to clarify on social media that the tiger didn’t belong to them. “We want to let everyone know that all our tigers are safe and accounted for here at the Zoo.” Clearly, Trapboy Freddy’s arrest has stirred up all kinds of mayhem. Though, more so for himself.

                Trapboy Freddy Is Forced To Pay $500 Daily Fine

    Trapboy Freddy
    via XXL Mag

    In addition to being arrested, the rapper now has to pay a hefty fine for illegally owning a pet Tiger. Apparently, owning a pet Tiger is against the law in Dallas, TX. Furthermore, Freddy failed to register the exotic animal which comes as a Class C misdemeanor in the state of Texas. According to the Gray Reed Law Firm, he’ll be forced to pay a daily fine of $500 dollars. Not to mention, he could be paying an additional $200 to $2,000 daily as a civil penalty if the city of Dallas decides to sue him.

    The news only gets worse, as the rapper faces a whole horde of other charges. Previously, Dallas County charged Freddy for gun and drug-possession charges. Currently, he has a upcoming case in Kaufman County on charges of illegally owning a firearm as a convicted felon and marijuana possession. Cleary, Trapboy Freddy is in some serious hot water.

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