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    How French Jewelry Brand APM Monaco is Appealing to the Everyday American

    In the past, brands were able to win over customers through a much simpler concoction of advertising through limited media channels. However, the modern-day consumer brand has to master several marketing strategies, through various media channels and by proving to be consistent and trustworthy. One of the biggest shifts that retailers have seen has been the overwhelming move to digital shopping. Conquering a multifaceted digital marketing approach is key.

    Shopping for APM Monaco

    One particular sector of the retail industry that has seen a sharp increase in digital buyers would be the jewelry industry. The online jewelry industry in 2022 is worth $8.7 billion, according to IBISWorld, and it has grown by 3.7 percent since 2017. One particular jewelry brand that has been able to captivate the modern consumer is APM Monaco.

    APM Monaco is a jewelry brand that’s rooted in the French Côte d’Azur and dates back 40 years, when the family matriarch, Ariane Prette, founded the company in 1982. The brand’s worldwide success is because it appeals to a broad range of people. APM Monaco boasts a diverse list of products. The brand has mastered its marketing approach both on social media and in real life.

    Global Jewelry Brand

    With more than 400 brick-and-mortar stores throughout the world, APM Monaco has positioned itself as a truly global brand. Pushing to expand its reach in the Western Hemisphere, the jewelry retailer entered the North American market five years ago, in 2017. Since then, APM Monaco has grown the retail brand’s repeat customer rate to an impressive 45 percent in the U.S. and Canada.

    APM Miami Store

    While APM Monaco is already a favorite choice of European and Asian consumers, the classic and timeless brand has found a unique ability to appeal to both younger and older consumers in the United States. Gen Z and millennials in America are connecting with APM Monaco’s trendy yet high-quality pieces. All pieces are priced fairly. This allows for customers to invest in nice jewelry that lasts a long time without breaking the bank. Older American consumers are resonating with the wide variety of understated pieces resembling traditional jewelry.

    Buying Luxury Pieces

    Further, APM Monaco’s brick-and-mortar stores in New York, California, Florida, and beyond are cultivating a more traditional jewelry buying experience. It emphasizes luxury and customer service, for older buyers who expect it. Producing an unrivaled product roster, the brand has consistently released new collections each month for the past ten years. Consisting of 40 to 50 pieces of jewelry that cater to any occasion — whether it be a red carpet event, a festival, or a fun night out with friends, APM Monaco has something for everyone. Interestingly enough, this deep selection of creative pieces has sparked a unisex jewelry movement. In fact, men are feeling more confident in wearing jewelry as a fashion statement.

    Celebrating APM’s 40th Anniversary with Collection YUMMYAPM Monaco’s digital presence has especially resonated with younger American consumers over recent years. The brand has several brand ambassadors that wear the pieces throughout their social media. Notably, French model and social media personality Thylane Blondaeu has fronted campaigns for the brand as well as promoted it on Instagram. While Blondaeu aligns with APM’s French roots, she is equally as popular among young American consumers. The brand has also been featured on the highly admired Netflix show, “Emily in Paris.”

    “LENA around the world” in Mykonos

    Another concept that has become increasingly important for the Gen Z and millennial consumer is a brand’s commitment to sustainability. APM Monaco is using sustainable materials for its unique unisex collections. Instead of using diamond, gold, or other precious gems, the brand utilizes more accessible materials such as silver and zirconia stones.

    To learn more about the brand’s selection and explore the American store locations, please visit APM Monaco’s website.

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