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    Hip-Hop Songs About Mama To Bliss Out To On Mother’s Day 2022

    With the reproductive rights of American women in balance and simultaneously the war in the Ukraine, Mother’s Day could feel like it came at an inopportune time this year. Here are some rappers praising their mamas to ease those post-modern blues. 

     Mom Knows Best

    “Kept me calm despite the madness/You cooked and kept me fed/Then knelt and prayed beside my bed.” Maternal instincts keep us comfortable and alive. Without that kind of support, nothing in life could be possible.

     I’m Proud Too

    “I’ma raise my kids/Nothing like my dad/I’ma better dad!” Leave it to a single-mom to raise the next generation of fathers right. 21 Savage knows that good parenting is generational.

    Bad Times Turn to Good Memories

    “Mama had four kids, but she likes women/She had to hide it for so long, but now she’s living freely!” JAY-Z’s love for his mother shines through, just like his love for freedom and life. He wants his mother and his listeners to live as authentically as possible and learn about themselves from there.

    This For Ma Dukes Right Here!

    “Now I give you the world yeah I’m talking long bread/All I want is peas and rice, collard greens, corn bread.” This insightful line is all about the cycle of life. Jadakiss is appreciating her mother’s love for her growing-up by returning the favor now that she has found success as an artist. No artist can make it without support, and a mother’s helping hand can be very meaningful in the music industry.

    I’m Just Tryna Make My Mama Proud

    2 Chainz reminds listeners of how proud he is of where he’s from with this track. According to the lyrics, his mother might be one of the only things 2 Chainz loves more than wearing excessive amounts of jewelry. According to 2 Chainz said in a 2017 interview with the New York Times, “I sleep in, like, three to four chains. I get up and add two to three more.”

    You My Red Carpet Date

    No one loves their mother quite like a thug does. Maybe that is because no one truly appreciates a mother’s enduring love like a soldier does. Fat Joe’s verses reference unfortunate life experiences that mother and son have shared. “My momma there when a n**** was shot.”

    Do you cherish the women in your life? How do you celebrate Mother’s Day? Let us know by leaving a comment!


    1. Everyday is “Mother’s Day” when it comes to being a single mom. Double duty is the name of the game and it never ends, especially when you are forced to compensate for the lack thereof, of an unavailable father. Love the Dax song! And love the writer’s quote, “leave it to a single-mom to raise the next generation of fathers right.” 21 Savage’s mom taught him how to be strong and told him to pray (great advice)! “Good parenting is generational”… true. So, is “bad parenting.” Therefore, all parenting is generational by nature. The 2 Chainz video was excellent; I enjoyed watching the matriarch lip sync and dress in synch with her son. How about Tupac’s “Dear Mama”? An oldie but certainly a goodie for sure. Fact: Mother’s Day is a challenge to celebrate sometimes since our mom’s do grow old and do transition onward and we do miss them like crazy, even when they drove us crazy when they were alive!

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