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    Here’s Is Why You Should Be Watching Black Lighting

    The people of Freeland need a hero that they can put their faith in. A violent gang called the 100 is constantly terrorizing the community. An addictive drug, green light, is ravaging the youth. The police do nothing to protect the citizens of Freeland. That’s why Black Lighting has returned after almost a decade of retirement. If you have free time Tuesday night at 9 pm, you should check out Black Lighting as this hero brings justice to his community.

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    Black Lighting follows Jefferson Pierce, a high school principal and community leader in Freeland. Pierce was once the voltaic hero Black Lighting. However, after a confrontation with his archenemy, Tobias Whale, Jeff decided to hang up the mask. Nine years past and Freeland seemed to be doing fine without Black Lighting. Though, in reality, gangs were rising to power and corruption was spreading throughout the city. Eventually, Jeff is pulled back into the life of a vigilante and takes up the electric mantle of Black Lighting again, to save his community.

    Comic book related media is everywhere these days. There are some many costume vigilantes in movies and television that recycle the same cliche themes that audiences have constantly seem. Black Lighting is different from the rest of them. On the show, black people are not just sidekicks to make the main character not appear racist. Rather, black people are the center of the series. Black Lighting gives one of the best explorations into black issues on television. From police brutality to the CIA funneling drugs into the black community, the show presents discord about the problems that the black community faces. These depictions do not just last for an episode either.  Black Lighting makes black issues the axis of the plot. By doing this, the show declares that black issues matter and they deserve to be talked about.

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    Black Lighting also gives an accurate portrayal of the black community. When black people talk, they actually use black slang correctly. Certain aspects of the community are not dramatized or given more focus than the other ones. Black Lighting shows every part of the black community and gives a realistic depiction of how they function.  The series gives the black community respect, showing its struggles and its strength too.

    Black Lighting does not focus on one type of black person either. The series shows all different kinds of black people. It shows the black teacher who is trying to keep kids off the street. It shows the black cops who want to protect their community. The series gives us the black gangsters who are not necessarily bad but just trying to survive. Black Lighting depicts all the different ways that black people function in blackness and does so well.

    Black Lighting is a show that’s worth checking out. It just might be the best black related superhero show on television.

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