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    Here Are 5 Songs We Play 4 Years Later Continued

    Without further ado, the next song on the list is Skizzy Mars’ “All Say” off of his 2014 mix tape Pace.
    Pace-Here Are 5 Songs We Play
    Initially, I heard Mars by chance on Spotify Free listening to Super Duper Kyle. After awhile, Spotify will diverge from the artist, or playlist for those with Spotify Premium, and began to play similar artists. Well, Mars was perpetually the similar artist I was designated, more specifically his song “Like This”, and its hooking first verse. This was in the fall of 2015, my sophomore year in college.

    “I got short comings, we got more coming,” Mars said. “What was in that shot ’cause I need more of it.”

    So, I did what almost every millennial would do after constantly hearing a song they liked, search the artist on YouTube, and pray to the music Gods there was more good tunes coming (See What I did there?). Fortunately, there were, and while there’s a slew of songs I could’ve selected for Mars, “All Say” is the most relateable to me in a catalog of songs that feel like the soundtrack to the life of millennials, and their drugged, loving, sexy, heartbroken lives.

    I like “All Say”, because it’s about a girl from Mars’ past that stood out from the rest, as she liked who he truly is, Myles Mills, and not Skizzy Mars.

    “I guess you love Myles, not that Skizzy Mars sit,” Mars said in the first verse. “Now this indica got me so lethargic. Looking for a real girl on some Lars sit.”

    Please, appreciate the “Lars and the Real Girl” movie reference. While he’s a rapper, Mars said he could hold conversations about Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders, or a conversation about industrialism or gentrification, not just rap. “All Say” hit home in the second verse, as I just to be involved with an ivy girl that attended the University of Pennsylvania.

    “I don’t know, I could just tell we had a future, but she’s enrolled at an Ivy, and me I be acting stupid,” Mars said. “I be rappin’ bout money and drugs; and drugs and b*tches, but, I’ve been searching for something that’s different.”

    If you like what you heard, other songs I like by Mars are the following: “Numb”, “Lucy”, “Chemistry”, and “No Curfew”.

    Blackbear-Here Are 5 Songs We Play
    Following behind “All Say”, another one of my top five favorite songs is Blackbear’s “wish u the best” off of his most recent album digital druglord.

    Honestly, the first time I heard Blackbear I wasn’t a fan, as it wasn’t until last year in 2016 when I woke up from sleeping on him. As a fan of Super Duper Kyle, I was google searching to see if the “Happy Camper Tour” he was opening for Hoodie Allen on was coming to Philadelphia. I noticed Blackbear was on the tour as well, but didn’t think much of it until I heard the song “Champagne & Pools” with the three aforementioned names on it in promotion of the tour.

    “Is it the house that I live or the things that I can give am I a fool, yeah,” Blackbear said in the hook. “For thinking I was different. Apart from all these Soho House guys that take you out. I wonder if you feel a thing.”

    Ironically, I was playing Blackbear’s songs, anticipating him coming to Philadelphia with Kyle. Unfortunately, Blackbear left the tour before the Philadelphia stop, but that didn’t stop (Did you see what I did there?) me from rediscovering his music, and I’m glad I did.

    I like “wish u the best”, because when the album was initially released the lyrics paralleled my life spot on, especially the opening lyrics.

    “Just used my last one percent to text you, that s*it wasn’t worth it…,” Blackbear said in the first verse. “Funny how when I don’t care, these feelings all resurface.”

    Looking back, we’ve all had a time where we regretted giving out our number, let alone texting someone first. Contrarily, you might’ve been the person someone regretted giving their number to, more so guys than girls. At the time of the song’s release, I was both, and gets weirder, as it was with the same person.

    The chorus indicates Blackbear’s chaos with this female has ended with the bar “I would wish you the best but you already had it”.

    Ultimately, the song’s right place, right time vibe to me was cemented in the outro.

    “2016 was catastrophic, I deserved it,”Blackbear said.

    For Blackbear, 2016 was filled with what appeared to be a toxic relationship, and a life threatening case of pancreatitis. For me, 2017 was filled with a major car accident, and acclimation to Western Pennsylvania after transferring out here for my remaining two years of undergrad.

    “wish u the best” will resonate with me the rest of my life as one of those songs that reminds you know precisely what was going on in your life every time you hear it, good or bad.

    If you like what you heard, other songs I like by Blackbear are the following: “Girls Like U”, “Flirt Right Back”, “make daddy proud”, and “Slide Thru”.



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