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    Halo:Reach Debuts on Xbox One and PC

    Reaching For The Top

    Halo:Reach is now officially available to play on Xbox One and PC. The Franchise classic came to the Xbox 360 back and 2010 and fans have been waiting for this moment for a while now. A major concern that the fans did have though was the graphic transition from the 360 to PC systems. From the look of the numbers that came in this week, it looks like their worries were put to rest.

    Xbox One and PC

    The Results

    Since its debut on December 3rd, Halo:Reach has climbed up Valve’s ladder to the 4th most played game for PC. Competing with the likes of PUBG, Counter Strike:Global and Dota 2, Reach has definitely reestablished itself in the gaming community. According to Steam’s statistics, Halo:Reach had a tally of over 100,000 concurrent players with a maximum player peak of over 161,000. At the moment there are over 76,000 people playing the online shooter. Reach currently has a higher gaming community than GTA V, Destiny 2, and Rainbow Six:Siege. For a game that came out almost ten years ago, this is very impressive.

    Reach currently runs in 4k footage at approximately 60 frames per second. The game so far has been running very smoothly, and there have not been reports of any technical issues while playing.

    Have any of you guys gotten your copy of Halo:Reach yet? And If so, what do you guys think?

    Feel free to post your replies in the comments section below and let us know what future topics you would like us to cover. Have a good day.

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