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    Greshmon: HypeFresh Highlights Artist From L.O.U.D Press Junket

    Greshmon, unique as can be in his Greshmon brand attire was confident and cool. He circled the room before sitting down with us for a quick interview. Greshmon expresses his individuality as he introduces his style and artistry. Meet Greshmon.

    HypeFresh Highlights Greshmon

    Who is Greshmon?

    Greshmon: I am Greshmon! I am the video, anime and sci-fi rap icon of the century. It probably won’t be a cooler one. Basically, I rap about videos games, anime and sci-fi. My brand started back in 2020. Since then, I’ve launched my own clothing line. I have other items I have for sale. My clothing line, I like to network with artists like, cosplayers and I like to work with illustrators. When it comes to my music, I started this past January. August 1st is when when I dropped my EP.

    Where are you from?

    G: I’m from Atlanta.

    Do you have any projects coming soon?

    G:I have a single coming, and also some unreleased tracks as well. I’m working on a new song now and I also have a new release coming called Be-Bop. It will be releasing in the next 2-3 weeks at the latest. The track is actually already done, its been professionally produced. The sound is high quality, professional, club boppers. Anybody that is following my instagram already, they’ve already seen my live performances. They know that I get the club jumping. My new song, it’s gonna be good.

    Is there anything else you want to add?

    Okay, let’s see. We covered the release of my new song. The only thing else I can really say is that you have to go experience it. It’s definitely different, what I’m doing right now is probably different than the majority of the room. Anyone that comes to sit down with you today will probably be in an entire different direction. My music does not include any profanity. We have younger listeners, it makes it easier for movie edits. When it comes to younger audiences, my music is usually more suitable than the average. The cool thing about my music is that I’m still dope.

    What is your Instagram?

    You guys can follow me @greshmon.


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