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    “Gorilla Glue Girl” Rolls Out Her Own Hair Care Line

    Finding the best hair products for black hair can be like a needle in a haystack. Luckily, there are products that do work wonders for our hair. All we have to do is look in the right place. Louisiana native Tessica Brown, aka “Gorilla Glue Girl” just released a new haircare line that’ll help anyone grow their hair back. After already enduring her horrific hair experience, Brown has sought to help others with her new haircare line, Forever Hair. It already sounds like a promising hair product.

    Tessica Brown Underwent Four Surgeries to Remove Gorilla Glue

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    Experimenting with hair products doesn’t happen without a little trial and error. Not everyone has the same grade of hair or curl pattern. However, Tessica Brown’s hair experimentation went haywire after she accidently sprayed her hair with Gorilla Glue instead of Got2b Glue. Furthermore, Brown’s hair remained stationary for an entire month, before finally she decided to try and remove it herself.

    The Louisiana native went viral after uploading videos of herself struggling to remove the “impenetrable helmet” with different products. Moreover, Brown used shampoos and oils to dissolve the Gorilla Glue from her hair. Additionally, the viral hair vlogger used all the ingredients necessary to remove the glue, such as acetone and isopropyl. When nothing worked, Brown reached out to medical practitioners. In February, Brown underwent a four-hour long surgery to remove the industrial strength glue.

    Her surgeon, Dr. Michael Obeng, used medical-grade adhesive remover, aloe vera oil and even acetone to remove the glue. Unfortunately, Obeng wasn’t able to salvage much of Brown’s hair, leaving her nearly bald. The experience could’ve been traumatizing for any woman.

    “Gorilla Glue Girl” Announces New Hair Care Line

    hair care line
    via The New York Post

    Fortunately, Tessica Brown’s horrific experience with Gorilla Glue didn’t dissuade the hair vlogger from finding a cure to hair growth. While she may not have cracked the code, Brown did start her own hair care line. After losing most of her hair during the surgery, Brown began searching for a natural way to promote hair growth. Soon she partnered with industry professionals to create “a growth stimulating oil.”

    Furthermore, the Louisiana native announced her new hair care line Forever Hair on Wednesday on CNN. Brown told the news publication that her new hair care line uses “all-natural ingredients” including pure avocado oil, rosemary and black castor oil. So far, her new product has been “a life saver.” Now Brown only hopes that Forever Hair will help those who struggle with hair regeneration.

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