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    Hittaz For My Niggaz??? Eliza Say It Ain’t So!! Dirty Sprite King

    Rapper Future is currently in a world of drama.

    Apparently, a woman by the name of Eliza Reign has been named Future’s newest baby mama. The alleged model and entrepreneur said she fears for her life due to several threats made towards her. Originally Reign was contemplating possibly aborting the baby, but later on, changed her mind. According to her, Future “went ballistic”, about her choice to keep the baby.

    The entrepreneur claims that the harassment started when members of Future’s camp stopped by her workplace and calling her repeatedly. Future and Eliza still continue to communicate. However, she stated that Future, who is generally a “cool guy”, would likely “calm down” once some of the negative attention dies down. Future has been known to be “extra friendly” when it comes to impregnating women as of lately. The singer has multiple kids with different mothers.

    Eliza has received message stating that she bodily harm may happen

    “But a week later for the second time, someone contacted me and said they overheard an industry person (who I won’t name) saying that Future got people looking for a Haitian girl that’s supposedly pregnant by him.”

    We can only hope this isn’t true, and many time people hype things up more than what it really is!!

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