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    Flavor Flav Reportedly Spent over 2,400 a Day on Drugs for 6 Years

    You do the math! New York rapper Flavor Flav of Public Enemy has always been known for his sentiments about the system. The Flavor of Love star has always been known for his wild antics. However, there was a point when the rapper admits he may have taken things too far. Curious as to what Flavor Flav’s net worth is? It’s an estimated $2 million!

    Flavor Flav: Off the Record

    During a recent podcast interview with DJ Akademiks, the reality TV star detailed his former love for drugs and the money it took to sustain the habit:

    “I had a lot of money at the time, too. I was doing the wrong things with my money.” The hip-hop artist opened up on the Off the Record podcast. “I guess God wanted me to live. And he knows that I’m a mouthpiece to the world. So, I felt like God helped me live through that, so, that way I can teach people about the mistake that I made. And hopefully, they won’t make them later on in life.”

    Reality Star

    The Flavor of Love was the first reality TV show that DJ Akademiks had ever seen! Flavor Flav certainly helped to pave the way for entertainers in more ways than one. Rap music is what it is today because of the work of Flav.

    Trend Setter

    Flav is known for his outrageous authenticity and personal slang. He has remained a likeable personality throughout his entire rap career.

    He’s original. He even claims to have been the first to be original in rap! “I brought that street sh*t to the recording game!” But it’s more than just the music. He also influenced the fashion. “Hats to the side with the glasses!” According to Flav, that was all him!

    Old-School Rap Legend

    As an old-school rap legend, Flav remembers when hip-hop music and the culture surrounding were different. As a person in recovery himself, Flav believes the changes he is witnessing in hip-hop are harmful to the kids who tune in! Back in the day, Flavor details the competition between rappers to be drug dealers, but now he thinks the rappers are also using!

    Flav knows that children model what they see being done around them. He knows that if he can turn his life experiences into a positive life, then he can be a good example! Flav sees himself as a leader who is carrying out God’s will through his example!

    Flav’s Book

    For those who want to get the scoop on Flavor Flav’s life and experiences, be sure to tune into the full Off the Record podcast. Interested to learn more about how the famed star survived his past? You can read his book! Flavor Flav: The Icon the Memoir.



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