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    First It Was Jay-Z: Now Lori Harvey Is Tryna Fuck Diddy

    Is Lori Harvey dating Diddy?

    Lori Harvey has been the topic of the internet for the past few months and it looks like she is not slowing down. From Future to Trey Songz and many men in between, let’s just say she has been around the Hollywood rodeo a few times.

    To make it worst, she was even spotted at a reggae spot with 49-year-old Diddy. Don’t believe us? Check it out here:

    But according to Bossip, Lori Harvey has been romantically linked to Diddy’s son Justin. So, is she just hanging out to connect with a possible future father-in-law? Or, is she putting her bid in? Leave it to social media, and you can assume that they believe the latter.

    But, what do you all believe? Could Lori Harvey be putting her bid in with Diddy?

    Featured Image Credit: HipHollywood


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