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    Meet Canadian Duo KYNGS: They Are A Mix Between Pop, EDM, Hip-Hop

    Hailing from MIami,  emerging Canadian DJ/Production duo KYNGS are ushering in a wave of eclectic soundwaves that bridge the gap between Pop, EDM and Hip Hop. Made up of producer duo Ashton Adam and Josh Poliasz, the two are the creative masterminds behind some of your favorite artists. in 2011 where they’ve primarily worked behind the scenes as some of the most respected and sought-after producers in North America’s vibrant music industry. During that time, they’ve both connected with a roster labels including hip-hop powerhouse Cash Money Records. After working patiently behind the curtains, the two are now ready to release new music under their own artistry,KYNGS.

    After dropping their debut single “Let U Go,” it’s clear that artistic integrity is at the forefront of their initiative – one rooted in multidimensional aesthetics and authentic presentations of sound, rhythm and expression that is pushing musical boundaries. We were able to sit down with the duo in regards to their versatile sound, new single “Let U Go,” and their upcoming tour!

    Q: To start, tell me about your background.

    Ashton: Hey. We’re KYNGS! My name is Ashton Adams.

    Josh: I’m Josh Polasz.

    Ashton: We’re a production/DJ duo from a small city called Cambridge in Ontario, Canada. It’s about an hour away from Toronto.

    Josh: We create music consisting of all genres and styles. We try to pull influences from every genre creating a fresh new sound. We’ve spent years in the background producing for a number of different big acts and are now ready to come out with our own music and we are excited for you all to hear it.

    Q: How did you both gravitate towards music?

    Ashton: When I was very young, I played in our local youth group church band. I played piano and guitar and there I eventually started producing – which I ultimately fell in love with.
    The Creative Duo Bridging The Gap Between Pop1
    Josh: I grew up playing various instruments as well. Music was my first passion. I learned to play an instrument before I learned how to play a sport. I was put into piano and guitar lessons at a very young age, then I started trying to create my own music through the bands and music groups that I’ve been in. Eventually, a friend of mine got me into music production and I’ve never looked back.

    Q: How has working behind the scenes enhanced your perspective of music?

    Ashton: Working behind the scenes with artists has given us both an appreciation of the creative process. There is a lot that goes into creating a sound or a song for an artist. Also, it has given us the opportunity to shadow some of the best producers, artists, songwriters and executives in the music industry. Nothing can top learning from the best in the game.

    Q: Your music has been described as “experimental hip-hop and EDM infused pop.” How would you describe your sound?

    Josh: Our production style is primarily EDM and hip-hop but we always try to experiment outside of the box. For example, we would create a song that is not typically a genre we would dive into but we infuse our roots of hip-hop and EDM into the song. This end product of this fusion results in something unique. Which is exactly how ‘Let U Go’ came about!
    The Creative Duo Bridging The Gap Between Pop2

    Q: In terms of creative direction, what is key for the both of you to convey about music in general?

    Ashton: We want our music to express to our listeners that you should be yourself no matter what. Our personalities are reflected in our music. Josh and I are very open and loving towards everything we do, especially our music. This is why our songs tend to sound pretty different from each other. While we’re creating music, we’re not afraid to experiment and be ourselves – regardless of the style or genre it may push us towards.

    Q: What was the concept behind your single, “Let U Go?”

    Josh: ‘Let U Go’ illustrates the frustration of being in an unworthy, one-sided, romantic compromise that becomes exhausting to continue with. Throughout the song, the listener can understand the difficulties of cutting ties with a partner after a long and drawn-out relationship.
    Ashton: We don’t want this song to convey a negative message towards breakups or hardships, but more so to empower the person to end the relationship if that’s what is holding their happiness back.

    Q: Who are some muses or icons you admire for their artistic identity?

    Ashton: I really admire what Drake has done with his career. He always remains on top and that is such a hard thing to do in the music industry. He continues to dominate the charts no matter what is thrown his way.

    Josh: I would have to say Drake, Childish Gambino, and Diplo. They all show so much versatility in their own work and they’re not afraid to experiment or try something new. These artists aren’t bound to just one specific trait or style. Their originality is a big influence to us as it gives both Ashton and I the confidence to experiment outside of our comfort zone regardless of what other people may think.

    Q: What have you learned about each other since forming the duo in 2011?

    Ashton: We have learned a lot about each other since 2011 but it has been a blessing to have a very similar mindset when it comes to music. This chemistry translates into our music – for KYNGS and other artists that we’ve worked with. We don’t always have to be together to make music because we always know and understand what the other person would want to do. Our strengths and weaknesses complement each other. So, where one of us may not be good at a specific thing, the other one is better at it and vice versa. We always end up with a great end product.

    Q: If someone were to stumble upon your music in the future, how would you like it to be received?

    Josh: We hope that the listener can build a personal connection to our music. It’s influenced by how we’re feeling at the time. Whether we’re going through hardships or good times, we want to evoke those feelings into our music. Our hope is that when others listen to our music, they can relate to this feeling we’re trying to express. Nothing is better than being able to relate to a song that you’re listening to. It feels so much more personal. We’re hoping that our music can achieve that intimate connection with the listener.

    Q :What can we anticipate form you both in 2018?!

    Josh: You can anticipate to see more of our original music and our name on tons of productions for other artists. We have many more songs on the way, so be on the lookout for KYNGS. Our management is starting to put some ideas together for our live performance too, so definitely keep an eye out for tour dates! Make sure to follow us to keep updated (@kyngsmusicofficial).

    To stay up to date with KYNGS, check them out on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Song Link!

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