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    Even Rappers Get Sad Too Fall 2022 Playlist

    It’s true, some people never get sad. Some people get pleasure out of hurting others instead of feeling despair, but the rest of us need a playlist featuring some of the saddest rappers of all time. So, here it is!

    Got A Angel

    It’s no secret that Ye gets depressed sometimes. His career has been grounded by tragedy from the very start. Pain isn’t necessary to create good music, but Ye does it nicely. He first hit the scene with this gritty track. He reminded the hip-hop community that life is difficult for everyone, not just for gangsters!

     Have Mercy On Me

    50 Cent is a man plagued by a mythical proportion of sadness. It is ironic that that’s why so many find his music to be so relatable! “I’m tryna’ be what I’m destined to be, and n***** tryna’ take my life away!” Many of us feel personally attacked by life’s hardships. Fear not, these challenges are no reason to abandon dreams and destiny. Also, it’s no surprise 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler had a thing. They both question their relationship with God through their respective artistic expression!

     Believe Me

    Genius reports, “Kendrick could be comparing his station in the rap game to the fictional horror of being surrounded by villains or monsters, similar to the iconic [videogame] series.” Some people get quiet when they get upset. “Head up, chest out, be quiet”. Men are especially prone to stoicism. There’s no correct way to get upset!

    I Smiled

    Being sad is no reason to throw in the towel! In fact, it might be an occasion worth celebrating. Maybe it’s the beginning of the last sad song.

     Scared Too Deep

    Trap music makes it somewhat easier to access raw emotion. As new generations continue to embrace hip-hop, the future is limitless. The human imagination can transform sadness into action.
    Are you sad? Listening to sad rap songs that mimic your reality could leave you even sadder. What else can you do about it? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment!


    1. Some things you can do to combat sadness are: fresh air, sunshine, vitamin D, mediation, uplifting music, healthy food and prayer.
      Beyond that, sure, we are human so we feel sad. Trick is to not get stuck there.
      “Through the Fire” is an awesome song!

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