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    ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Addresses Max Kellerman Rumors

    ESPN’s announcer Stephen A. Smith addresses the rumors relating to Max Kellerman. Smith confirms the reports that said he wanted Kellerman off of ESPN’s First TakeThroughout the entire Hot 97 interview, he spoke very highly of Kellerman. He stated several times that Kellerman is “a real good guy”; however, Smith also stated that he didn’t think they had “a great partnership” any longer after doing First Take together for the past five years.

    Stephen A. Smith Sets The Record Straight

    Smith wanted to clear the air by clarifying reports that leaked about his dislike for Kellerman were undoubtedly false.

    “I don’t dislike Max, those reports are completely false. I actually have a lot of love for the guy,” clarified Stephen A. “If he stays on the show, so be it. He departs, it will be because they have other things they want him to do.”

    In the same breath, Smith wanted to clarify that the rumors were accurate in terms of wanting Kellerman off the show. Although, they don’t have a deteriorating relationship Smith believes this relationship to have run its course as a partner. He related this situation in his interview with Hot 97 back to championship-winning teams in sports. He mentioned how many teams never truly stay the exact same away even after winning championships. Smith believes change is inevitable and vital to growth in any aspect of life.

    “I did want him off the show, that part is true. I want to make that clear. But our relationship isn’t bad. I think he’s a great guy and I appreciate what he contributed to the show. We were number one for five years, and I value that achievement.”Smith added, “It wasn’t just about asking him to leave the show. It was more about realizing that our partnership wasn’t working well anymore, and that needed to change.”

    ESPN future plans

    ESPN has announced Kellerman’s departure from First Take. Kellerman is projected to host a new ESPN series. Kellerman’s new program, “This Just In,” will debut September 14 at 2 p.m., and offer news, opinion, and analysis of trending sports headlines as well as looking ahead at potential sports news from the evening ahead, per sources.

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