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    Eminem: The Rapper Who Almost Played Mad Max

    Eminem’s potential Mad Max: Fury Road role. Marshall Mathers, the rap legend of over 2 decades and running. Hailing from Detroit, this individual gained renown through the creation of the movie “8 Mile,” a narrative loosely inspired by their own experiences and centered around the character B Rabbit.

    Eminem’s Mad Max: Fury Road role

    The movie was a commercial success, winning rave reviews for the rapper. He also took home a Grammy for the original soundtrack song ‘Lose Yourself’. Despite his early acting success, Em turned down many Hollywood movie roles.
    In his spare time, the MC worked as a producer and writer for other big names in hip hop. It wasn’t until 2014 that Eminem returned to acting with a role in the Seth Rogen comedy The Interview. Slim Shady stunned audiences with his hilarious performance.
    His cameo went down as one of the most memorable appearances in cinema history. Eminem impacted movies in various ways. He made soundtracks for movies like Southpaw and Marvel’s superhero Venom.
    A recent book revealed that the director of mad max almost cast the rapper as the title character. George Miller considered Eminem for the role of Max after watching him in the film Eight Mile. Slim doesn’t venture far from home, and he refuses to make the trek from Detroit to Australia for filming.

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