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    Drake and 21 Savage’s Joint Album “Her Loss” Sets The World on Fire

    Probably one of the most hyped-up albums this year has to be Her Loss featuring Drake and 21 Savage. It recently dropped, and it set social media on fire. If you’re like me, you most likely came for the bars. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m not sure this project is the project that everyone expects.

    With a sassy title like Her Loss, I should’ve expected Drizzy to steal the spotlight. One of my major criticisms about this project is that there isn’t enough 21 Savage to my liking. I feel like fans were led astray and bamboozled. Essentially, it feels like a Drake album that just happens to have 21 Savage on it.

    Such a Strong Start

    This joint project is longer than it needs to be with 16 songs and a runtime of an hour. Things kick off with “Rich Flex” and some opening narration by Atlanta rapper Young Nudy. Even though it’s a very strong start, this song would’ve hit so much harder if they gave Nudy a verse. I have to admit, the best parts of this project happen in the first half. Proving my point on the second track, “Major Distribution” keeps the momentum alive. The random beat switch will surely catch you off-guard. Drake starts off singing like it’s a Christmas special, and it’s like someone cuts the lights because things get spooky. By far, this song has the best flow from both rappers.

    Right when it seems that we have a potential album-of-the-year contender, this album collides with a wall and stops. This is about midway through the project when things take a turn for the worse. Everyone has already said their two cents about “Circo Loco” and I have to say mine. We all know the reason that Drake is a rapper and still moves like a pop star is due to crazy support from his female fans. It’s almost as if he tries to undo all of that work, based on the second half. There’s no reason why he completely unprovoked, implied that Meg Thee Stallion was lying about the shooting incident. Why would her traumatic experience be used as a punchline? It seemed like a backward decision and left a sour taste in my mouth.

    Drake the Enforcer?

    But then you also have tracks like “Middle of the Ocean” where he blatantly takes shots at Serena Williams’s husband and calls him a groupie. When did being a supportive husband become uncool? No disrespect, Drake is like of the biggest groupies I’m the industry, hopping around to whatever is hot at the moment, til it doesn’t benefit him anymore. Similarly, he made fun of D.R.A.M. on “BackOutsideBoyz”. How ironic, because it was Drake who profited off of stealing D.R.A.M.’s sauce on his hit song “Hotline Bling”. Drake is trying too hard to be a bully in this album. This doesn’t make sense because that’s what 21 Savage is there for, and he pretty much treats him like a side dish.

    In all honesty, I would’ve preferred if this album was just 21, not going to lie. 21 is known for playing the villain role, and Drake just comes off as corny when he tries to do it. For someone who claims to be pro-women, I surely can’t tell. Overall, this album decreases in quality the more that you relisten. It doesn’t even come close to Drake’s previous collab WATTABA. How do you feel about this album and Drake being petty?

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