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    Dot da Genius Ups The Ante In New “Talk About Me” Visual

    Grammy-nominated producer and audio engineer Dot da Genius teamed up with Kid Cudi, Denzel Curry, and J.I.D. for his debut single “Talk About Me”. It’s only fitting that the legendary video director, responsible for creating Lyrical Lemonade, Cole Bennett, directs this star-studded collaboration.

    Cole Bennett will easily go down as one of the greatest directors in hip-hop history. Not only will he go down in history for helping establish household names such as JuiceWRLD or Lil Tecca with his mind-blowing visuals, but also for creating an empire with Lyrical Lemonade. Something that started as a music blog has now developed into a vital part of hip-hop culture and the youth currently. After years of making other young artists’ dreams come true, Dot da Genius has helped Cole Bennett accomplish one of his dreams, which is making a video with his childhood hero, Kid Cudi.

    Stepping Out of the Shadows

    After years of being in the shadows, Dot Da Genius is now stepping out of the shadows to make sure he gets all of his flowers. Most people don’t know that he is the genius behind hit tracks like “Day ‘n’ Nite by Kid Cudi. The award-winning producer plans to make that happen through a series of collaborations that are all produced by him.

    “I’ve been in music for a long time, right now I’m understanding what phase and era I’m entering. It feels good to finally make the decisions, decide what looks good, and just get my vision out to the people that supported me all this time.” – Dot da Genius

    Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

    “Talk About Me” has been in the making since early 2020. Denzel Curry recorded his verse around the same time that he was also working on two other beats from Dot that ended up being on Denzel’s 2022 album Melt My Eyez See Your Future. Once Dot played the song for Kid Cudi, he recorded his verse on the spot, after Curry’s sharp lyricism amazed him. The job was not complete yet. Dot and Denzel went on individual missions to bolster the track, Dot recruiting J.I.D. for the final verse and Denzel calling upon Cole Bennett to bring their extraordinary vision to life.

    There is no telling what to expect next from Dot da Genius after going all out for his first single.

    Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next move by the talented producer Dot da Genius.

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