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    Discord Shatters YouTube Record: 1.4 Billion Views in 24 Hours!

    An April Fool’s legendary story probably just rewrote YouTube history. Discord, our beloved online hangout app, just made a splash with a marvelous video nobody else could beat! Discord YouTube views record literally got everyone talking recently.

    An April Fool’s video broke a record by adding loot boxes to the voice chat app from the beloved gaming server developers. And the video, supposedly viewed a whopping 1.4 billion times in 24 hours, immediately took its place as a record holder from “Baby Shark Dance.” Doesn’t it stink?

    YouTube has certainly had its fair share of viral sensations. Who can forget “Gangnam Style” back in 2012? And who can shake “Baby Shark from their head, now the most-viewed video on the platform with over 14 billion views!

    But now, a new, more sinister, term is being applied to Discord’s latest record: “viewbotting.” While this typically refers to artificially inflating views, Marvin Witt, the web developer Discord teamed up with, suggests Discord may have inadvertently created this “viewbot”. The video kept looping in the background during notifications.

    Discord is staying tight-lipped. Was this a genius prank that went viral, or is there more to the story? Did they accidentally stumble upon a view-generating machine? We just don’t know!

    So, dear reader, did Discord truly break the record, or was it an elaborate April Fool’s scheme? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below! Let’s crack the code for this Discord YouTube views record! ️‍

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