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    Diddy Surprises Kids Battling Cancer on the Ellen Show

    Last month, a group of young children battling cancer sent an adorable video message to rapper Sean ‘Diddy‘ Combs asking him to dance with them. The video went viral and TV show host, Ellen Degeneres, invited them to her stage.

    The youngsters are a part of an organization known as ‘Fighting All Monsters‘. FAM is a non-profit group that supports children and their families battling childhood cancer. Their message to Diddy was posted to the FAM youtube page, set to his song ‘Bad Boy for Life’.

    On the Ellen show yesterday, one of the kids explained why they chose Diddy’s song.

    “The lyrics connect with us…in the song it’s, ‘We survive what we’ve been through.’ And we’re all battling cancer, and we ain’t going anywhere,” he said.

    The kids hoped to catch the attention of Diddy and Ellen with their video. However, Ellen explained that Diddy couldn’t make it to the show that day because he was on tour in Miami. Instead, Diddy sent the kids a video message. He told them that he was so bummed that he wasn’t able to be there, and promised that they’d be dancing together one day soon.

    Ellen asked if the kids had anything to say to Diddy. They all thanked him and said we’re all “bad boys for life.”

    Then, Ellen did what Ellen does best. Surprise! She told the kiddos she mistakenly “got the dates wrong!”

    “Diddy come on out!” she shouted.

    “Is this real life!” one of the youngsters shouted when Diddy sat next to him on the couch. “Surpriseee!” Diddy yelled.

    Diddy Surprises Kids Battling-1

    It was truly a heartwarming moment for viewers.

    “Thank you guys so much for reaching out to me. I was so touched that the song that’s helped me get through a lot of trials and tribulations is fueling you guys to know the power you have in yourself to believe that we ain’t going nowhere,” Diddy told the kids.

    Ellen then announced a generous donation from Shutterfly. A gift of $25,000 was presented to support ‘Fighting All Monsters’.

    The bit took off with a dance sesh with Diddy, Ellen and all of the kids.


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