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    Did Bernie Sanders Burn His Bridges With Women Voters

    In 2018 Bernie Sanders allegedly told Elizabeth Warren in a private meeting that a woman couldn’t be president. A hot topic for tonight’s Democratic Party debate.

    Though Bernie Sanders denied ever saying the statement Elizabeth Warren claims he did. Leaving it up to “he said she said”. Maybe Sanders just forgot.

    Recently Bernie Sanders has attacked Elizabeth Warren. Claiming she is working for the rich. That she doesn’t have working people’s values in mind.

    Did Bernie Sanders Burn His Bridges-1

    After what seemed like a promising team. We are now seeing a huge split within the party. Furthermore, this split could divide the core of the party.

    While Warren has come out in support of Sanders. In a statement saying she and Sanders have more in common than not.

    However many say Bernie Sanders is too old to be president after suffering from a heart attack. Many wonder if he can bare the stress of being president.

    The 78-year-old democratic socialist from Vermont only became a Democrat to gain resources.

    Sanders has always been independent. Which is why it’s easy for him to ignore and attack democrat ideology.

    Democrats in disarray

    The Democratic party was torn apart during the campaign of Hillary Clinton. Clinton would go on to lose to Donald Trump. Possibly one of the reasons for his statement. Sanders’s independent ideology infected liberal democrats.

    The idea that a woman couldn’t be president has been an unspoken rule within the Republican party. Which is why the Republicans are mainly white males. Furthermore many would say it’s why Hillary lost to Trump.

    However, being independent allows Sanders the ability to switch sides. Jumping from red and blue with no backlash. This is how he helped pass the safe prescription and no hostilities act.

    Sanders a supporter of civil rights for 50 years. When asked about the interests within the black community as others deflect. Instead of substantive solutions of change. He would rather focus on giving felons voting rights. Which helps the politician more than the felon.

    After writing his book Sanders became a millionaire. Sanders often ties himself to the most popular movement at the moment. Like using Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Cortez to gain more young followers. Using their energy and fame to bring him further attention.

    Sanders through his ideas are slowly changing the Democratic party. Far from the days of a third party taking votes away from the Red or Blue candidate.

    The future of the party

    Today you have Reds running as blues (allegedly Gabbard). Independents running as democrats (sanders), (Steyer).

    The Democratic party is under attack. Meanwhile, the Republican party is strengthening its evangelical core values.

    Sanders continues to strip away the body of the Democratic party. Revealing the bones of the party.

    Consequently Leaving Biden alone to fight for the values of the party. Meanwhile, moderates like Booker, Harris, and Williamson have all dropped out.

    While progressives like Warren and Buttigieg fight to change those values. It seems the democrats attempt to redefine themselves may cost them this election.

    Sanders comment says a lot about the state of politics. Inequality still exists at the highest levels of politics.

    Who do you think will win the nomination? Do you think they can beat Trump? Do you think Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren will be able to work it out?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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